About us

Tradelab Software Private Limited (TSPL) was founded in July 2012 by two IIT Kharagpur alumni.
The company has been incubated at SRIC, IIT Kharagpur.

Time and again, innovations in computing have resulted in spill-over effects into other domains and the financial industry is a testament to this fact. Tradelab is at the frontiers of this exciting revolution which is slowly but surely, spreading its wings. Compared to its peers, the Indian market is at a nascent stage in terms of technology and hence looks to benefit the most out of it.

We focus on developing and delivering end-to-end software solutions for the global trading community with an emphasis on low latency, accurate real time analysis, and intuitive user interfaces. Our cross-functional expertise in software development and capital markets uniquely positions us to understand and address the requirements of various market participants.


We at Tradelab aim to be at the confluence of cutting edge Technology and Finance. Our endeavor is to deliver robust, reliable, high quality products catering to the capital markets to aid in decision making and trading. We aim to make trading intuitive and accessible, opening up opportunities for one and all to participate in the country’s growth story through investing in financial markets.