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  • Cyrus
    • Integrated trading and superior charting platform.
    • Place orders from the Charts,quick order,backtest strategies on desktop
    • Orders,alerts as push notifications on mobile


    Desktop,web,mobile trading platform.

    • Powerful integrated accounting component with balance sheet & P&L generation
    • Full DEMAT depository modules
    • API based software,can be easily integrated to any existing platform


    Broker backoffice software in partnership with Hypersoft Technologies Ltd

    • Consists of Matching engine,surveillance,risk management tools
    • Capable of handling 1 million orders per second .
    • Highly efficient,robust,complaint and scalable


    Advanced exchange with lowest latency

    • Super low latency, one of the fastest by industry standards
    • Multiple exchanges support.
    • Support for multiple users and instruments
    • Run several optimized algos.

    Configurable low latency algo trading platform.