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Building Trading Solutions
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What's the Tradelab Story

We are the pioneer in the finance industry.

Founded on 26th July 2012, we strive to be the ideal blend of finance, technology and innovation in the trading space. We focus on developing and delivering end-to-end software solutions for the trading community worldwide. PI, CYRUS and OPTRE are the aftereffects of our undying exertion to remain against the tide and allow our clients to swim bravely through the violent waves in the tremendous expanse of the stock exchange. We endeavour tirelessly to improvise these products to meet the demands of the ever-changing market scenario and equip ourselves for future requirements.

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Building Trading Solutions For The Next Billion

Our Values

What do we appreciate? Everything!

To err is human! But here are a few things we deem upon:

  • Interpreting Personages/Personalities

    We treat others how we want to be treated
  • Radiating jubilance

    We want our work to make people smile. And maybe momentarily chuckle.
  • Accountability

    Progress driven without excuses.
  • Transparency

    Every one of us provides visibility into our work.
  • Walking, Running, Jumping, Moving fast

    The pace is good. Fail fast, learn fast, grow fastest.

What's in it for you?

Other than the conventional game plan in which we drop funds in your treasury once per month, we also proffer

Healthcare Insurance

Insurance that covers for all your medical necessities; except if you are narcotic

Paid Leaves

Six-month vacation, twice a year? We can't promise that. But paid leave might be a possibility.

Performance-Based Bonuses

You won't get much done, if you grind only on the days you feel excellent Or Good things come to those who work their asses off & never give up

Work From Home

Wear shorts while working, and pyjamas while in a meeting. Perks of WFH!

Employee Development Plans

We always treat our employees exactly as we want them to treat our best patrons. We invest in you!

Family Care

Is a new human entering your life? 12 weeks off for adoption or birth.

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