Primus - order management system

Order management system

Primus is a full featured product for stock brokers. It includes user profile / session management, order placing, trades, positions, holdings. The core feature of Primus is RMS (Risk Management System), our RMS takes care of configurable margins a broker can provide to trader. A broker can choose to take full featured product or particular parts of this e.g. RMS.

Order Management

Tracks every bit from order placing to order execution. User get clear report of parts of traded quantities. We provide History with timestamp for each order.

Risk Management

Evaluation of risk portfolio by instrument, client, and platform with tendencies, trends, variance and changes within the portfolio. Also provide full profit & loss transparency.

User Profile

Broker can choose to have their own frontend on our client management APIs (CMS). Here we provide user authetication, charts, proce alerts, admin message from broker etc.