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    • Integrated trading and superior charting platform.
    • Place orders from the Charts,quick order,backtest strategies on desktop
    • Orders,alerts as push notifications on mobile


    Desktop,web,mobile trading platform.

    • Powerful integrated accounting component with balance sheet & P&L generation
    • Full DEMAT depository modules
    • API based software,can be easily integrated to any existing platform


    Broker backoffice software in partnership with Hypersoft Technologies Ltd

    • Consists of Matching engine,surveillance,risk management tools
    • Capable of handling 1 million orders per second .
    • Highly efficient,robust,complaint and scalable


    Advanced exchange with lowest latency

    • Super low latency, one of the fastest by industry standards
    • Multiple exchanges support.
    • Support for multiple users and instruments
    • Run several optimized algos.

    Configurable low latency algo trading platform.

Some of our Clients


At Tradelab, we build cutting edge technology to drive
financial markets forward


Technology to accelerate your financial business.


Custom made solution for existing applications

About us

Tradelab Software Private Limited (TSPL) was founded in July 2012 by two IIT Kharagpur alumni.
The company has been incubated at SRIC, IIT Kharagpur.

Time and again, innovations in computing have resulted in spill-over effects into other domains and the financial industry is a testament to this fact. Tradelab is at the frontiers of this exciting revolution which is slowly but surely, spreading its wings. Compared to its peers, the Indian market is at a nascent stage in terms of technology and hence looks to benefit the most out of it.

We focus on developing and delivering end-to-end software solutions for the global trading community with an emphasis on low latency, accurate real time analysis, and intuitive user interfaces. Our cross-functional expertise in software development and capital markets uniquely positions us to understand and address the requirements of various market participants.


We at Tradelab aim to be at the confluence of cutting edge Technology and Finance. Our endeavor is to deliver robust, reliable, high quality products catering to the capital markets to aid in decision making and trading. We aim to make trading intuitive and accessible, opening up opportunities for one and all to participate in the country’s growth story through investing in financial markets.



Innovation involves more than just great ideas. We need faith, hard work, and a laser-sharp focus for the end result to keep persisting for our vision in the face of roadblocks.

Passion & Intensity

Passionate people know themselves. They have a clear sense of their values and beliefs, and they live by them. They also know their strengths and their weaknesses, and focus on those things they are good at.

Strive for Excellence

Excellence implies striving for quality. Standards of excellence are those that are flawless and impeccable. we need to exceed expectations and continually raise the bar for excellence.


Integrity doesn’t mean that a person never makes mistakes. But a person with integrity accepts responsibility for his or her own mistakes or failures and does what’s in his or her power to put things right.

We are looking for people who are energetic, passionate, willing to learn and want to change the way technology drives the market.

Don’t wait,drop a mail to jobs@tradelab.in


Tradelab has been flagged with a sponsored funding from the special R&D cell of SRIC, IIT Kharagpur as a form of seed funding.

Seed Funding

Tradelab has got Series A funding from Straddle Capital.

Series A Funding


Registered Office:
Tradelab Software (Pvt) Limited,
8th Floor, RDB Boulevard, Plot No.K-1,
Block EP & GP, Sector V,Salt Lake City
Kolkata, India 700091
Phone: +917022405210
Development and Corporate Office:
Tradelab Software (Pvt) Limited,
2nd Floor,
27th Main Rd, 1st Sector,
HSR Layout,
Bangalore,India 560102
Phone: +917022405210